Monday, 6 February 2017

Simple Guidelines To achieve What You Wish In Your Life

Setting a goal

You need to set a specific goal to achieve something in your life. This goal should be so big, that it should excite you and scare you at the same time.

Focus what you think

Thoughts are a form of energy. If you watch it in your mind, you can get it in your hand.

What do you want

Many people do not follow what they want even those who are strict towards their goals; they are behind what they may get in their hand.

Success or failure

If you like to know what you think most of the time, observe what kind of results your are getting day to day. Your achievements are based on what you think.

Never Quit

You can find many people in your life who never quits. Those who walk they may reach their goal compared to those who quit.

Believe what you cannot see

Faith and fear both needs someone to start believing on it. First it works in mind and later it materializes.

Power of imagination

Feel yourself living in riches and you will attract it. It happens always and you cannot avoid it.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Miraculous and Hidden Benefits of Drinking Green Tea That NO ONE KNOWS Yet !

You might be drinking Caffee/Caffeine or Black Tea early in the morning before we start our day. Most of the people drink it in the office as well to feel activeness in their body. The basic component in Green Tea is the Caffeine which plays the major role in generating feel good hormones in your body.

Green Tea Key Benefits For The Healthy Body

1)  Cures Arthritis : Drinking 1 to 2 cups of Green Tea early in the morning detoxify your body and increase blood circulation of your body , which eventually cures your muscle troubles. With this a clove of Garlic can be taken as Garlic is antibacterial and helps in curing rheumatism and arthritis.

2) Tonic for the brain : Green Tea components L-theanine and Caffeine , improves signals directly connected with brain and body.Green tea does not make your less energetic or anxious since it contains caffeine at a quite lower level then Tea or Coffee.

3) Anti Aging : When free radicals grow in our body , that is commonly knows as aging.Green Tea has Superb factor of Anti-acne as well as Anti-aging. Green tea removes free radicals from our healthy body and keep us fit and fine.

4) Nector for Stomach : Due to Anti-inflammation nature of Green Tea, it helps in curing Colitis and digestion problems.

5) Protection from UV Rays : In 2013 study reported in the British Journal of Nutrition found a quite low dose (540 mg) of green tea catechins every day with 50 mg of vitamin C for 12 weeks or two cup of green tea can reduce the aftermaths of UV radiation on our skin.